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How To Brand Yourself in the Music Industry ?

February 7, 2018

I have just released my Vlog #4 on the same exact topic, but I want to reach as many people as possible and maybe some of you guys prefer to read.

Personally, I am very active on Instagram, I post around 4 to 5 times a day and use a lot of Hashtags related to the Music Industry.

Recently, some people came to me for advice, and I am very grateful about that. Working with the majors like Universal or Bad Boy Records, allowed me to see the inside of the Music Business and so my vision is often requested to solve some problems independent artists may have.

That’s what happened two days ago with a follower of mine, RealOneLicore, who wanted to know more about how to brand himself as a producer, an engineer, a writer and an artist (oof!).

This question is totally legitimate and I decided to answer it and to cover it a little bit more easily in a vlog.

Indeed, I could have just sent a message directly on Instagram to give him some insights but I felt like a whole topic was more appropriate.

#1 : Self awareness

I think many people in the Music Industry actually don’t know themselves. It’s not a shame or anything to be embarrassed for, I, myself, took some time to find who I was, who I truly was.

In 2006, I started to sing in a Rock band and that’s only in 2008 that I really decided to go towards a Jazz Career. And still now, I evolve and incorporate some Pop and Country into my songs and the way I work.

But I knew one thing : I am a great singer.

Therefore, I realized that writing lyrics was not my thing. If it is not my thing, then either I work on it to be better at it, or I hire someone for this.

Either way, I make a choice based on my own self awareness.

#2 : Social Medias and Online Presence

We live in an amazing period where we have access to everything easily. Our smartphones literally save our lives nowadays and make us more connected than ever.

Trust me, back in the 2000s, living off of MySpace was pretty tough.

Now, we have Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Medium… and we can share everything everywhere in a heartbeat.

The thing is, a lot of people are not doing it.

How do you want to brand yourself if you are actually not using the tools you have at your disposition ?

All these social profiles are free and the key to success is : CONTENT.

Document everything, create some content, share your life and how you operate as an artist, a producer, an engineer, a writer, a lyricist…

When somebody types your name after seeing you on stage or online, they HAVE to find you. Your name has to show up.

That may seem pretty obvious but that’s not until late 2015, that my wife came back from the Dentist and said : “We talked about you and we could not find a song of yours on YouTube”.

She was right, I may have had my website and online presence, my songs, the most important, were not on the right platform.

Now, when people want to listen to music, they straight up open YouTube. If you’re not there, you lost.

#3 : Attack with Kindess

That’s the final ingredient to this recipe : kindness.

It is a pretty basic concept. People forget the most important piece in the words “Social medias”. The Social part.

When you are outside, you hold the door, you say hello, say thank you. So why wouldn’t you be the same good character online ?

People are here to know you, and you should know them.

When somebody leaves a comment on your feed, answer.

When somebody sends you a message, answer.

Take the time to answer everybody, to look up their profile, to leave yourself a few likes and take part of the conversation.

There is nothing better for your brand (by the way, you are a personal brand) than branding yourself as a good person.

Let me know what you think in the comment or join me directly on InstagramTwitterFacebook and Subscribe to my channel !

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