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The 21 Days Music Release Challenge

February 7, 2018

Yesterday, someone from my Instagram contacted me in order to figure out a strategy for the release of his single.

My clients often come to me with little to no strategy for their music release and that’s ok, this is why I am here for. As a Music strategist, adviser and marketer, my mission is not only to make sure you maximize your revenues with your music, it is also mapping out a way to have it heard by the masses.

Today, I want to talk about a little formula that I give to my clients, that completely works in my book, yet it is a technique based on empirical knowledge, not really an exact science, but why not.

I came up with the 21 Days Music Release Challenge.

Alright, don’t panic, this is not a scam or some shady technique which I give you 99% for free here and the rest for some money, no, this is entirely free, it’s one of my techniques, and you can apply it, I believe, for every kind of adventure. Not just music.

I don’t know if you ever heard about the little sentence saying “It takes 21 days to break a habit”?

Once again, this is nothing scientific, it is based on personal experiences and observations but the truth is : it pretty much work systematically because you make the choice that it will work after 21 days.

I could go on and on about the mental and emotional aspect of this technique because I find it super interesting but we don’t have the time for this right now, therefore, let me just dive in the technique itself and why you should apply it.

The goal of my client was to record a single this week end and basically release it while gaining some fans.

Wrong technique, but that’s normal, having a strategy mapped out is always complicated.

The first thing I said was to forget about the “gaining fans” part because it is pointless in my book. I prefer that 100% of your actual fans buy the single. You follow me here ? What good is it to have 3,000 fans where a dozen will buy your music and trying to gain 100 more fans? No point.

This being said, I was finally able to go for that 21 days technique. I offered him to record this song this week end and from there, set the release date in 21 days.

Not only does it give you a timeframe to execute and stop relying on bullshit excuses, but on top of it, every day, you would actually give some efforts.

I recommended him to record with a camera or a smartphone the entire session from when he wakes up to when he leaves the studio and to use this material divided in multiple mini vlogs on his YouTube channel and his Instagram.

Basically, 21 days to break a habit. What habit? The one of not communicating properly with your fanbase. The man didn’t engage for over a week on his Instagram and was planning to get people to follow up on that single.

Once again, wrong technique.

The 21 days, would be, here, beneficial for him in order to tease AND to bring back his followers together for that special event and make sure they gather around his personal brand, this time, hopefully, for good.

So, for 21 days, the solution was to : vlog, engage socially, put at least 4 posts on Instagram a day, doing some LIVEs on Instagram giving away the song to some people joining in… And much more.

If he could survive these 21 days of straight hustle, then he could maintain that fanbase up with his music the rest of his life and therefore, crush it.

Let me know your thoughts on that technique, would you do it?

This post will be transcribed as a Podcast on my Anchor and will come as a vlog on my YouTube channel during the day.

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