Lawyers, Coaches, Advisors, Managers, Producers… Do You Need Them For Your Music Career ?

February 8, 2018

This is a common problem for artists and bands nowadays and while more and more people can manage their career on their own, there is still a nice percentage looking for professional staff in the Music Industry.

We often hear about artists looking for a manager, lawyer or a coach… depending on their needs but the truth is that, often it’s not a real necessity.

Today, let’s see who are the people you should have on your side and more important, when to have them on your side.


That is one of the most common needed professional in the Music Industry, a Lawyer can indeed facilitate things with labels and other contracts you may have. I would stay away from picking up a lawyer for a few reasons. The first one being because, I don’t believe in record deals. Therefore, you should not hire a lawyer to shop for a label or submit your music. It is a waste of money and time for you because without the right strategy, you will simply pay the flat rate (an insane one by the way) and be broke faster than you think.

On the other hand, if you are already contracted with an entity and therefore need legal advice regarding a special conflict or if you feel like something is fishy in your deal, you may want to hire a Lawyer in order to make sure you have an exit.


A Manager can be a great asset to have on your chess board. If you feel like booking shows is overwhelming, this can definitely be a good option. Now, I would pick up a manager and make sure the line is well defined in the sand. The Manager will book shows and coordinate the venues with the artist,that’s it. I would not give the manager anymore place in your career because that can lead to a mess very fast.

Regarding the fees of a Manager, it is common to find a deal where the manager earns 20% of your shows. So it is up to you, to find the best deal for this. As a Music Strategist, Advisor and Marketer, I often go over these deals and make sure this is not too much for you to give away.


This is an ambiguous term that is more often generalized in the wrong way. You have to separate the Music Producer and the Producer Executive.

The Producer will be working hand in hand with you to create and arrange songs for you (generally the instrumental or the beat) whereas the Producer Executive is basically financing your life as an Artist.

I would stay away 100% from the Producer Executive. As you may see it immediately, this is not a great option because that is like working with a micro-label. Therefore you lose a lot of money or at least not earn as much as you could by yourself easily.


Many people need to hire a coach for their voice or their instrument. This is a good thing if you truly feel like you need to perfect your art and if it makes you feel less insecure.

You would be very impressed by the number of “Major” artists who still have coaches on tour and even at the top of their career. Their voice may evolve, they may need more training with their live performances…


Being in the Music Industry is becoming more and more of a business thing. Self branding can be tough and mastering social media can feel like rocket science for some. While buying fake followers and likes is the worst thing you could do, I would strongly suggest taking an Advisor / Strategist with you on your journey, in order to define your goals clearly.

Personally, I see a lot of artists and bands who want to move mountains, and that’s amazing, but often with little to no strategy or understanding of the social media they are on. When they come to me and take the time to narrow their vision to target the right objectives, their career becomes a better place to evolve in.

To conclude, I would make sure that you surround yourself with people that treat you like friends and family. Make sure that the relation with whoever you hire is a positive one and believes in your project.

Anything else, you can handle it by yourself and, of course, maximize your revenues.

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