Kids, It’s About Them, Not About You

February 12, 2018

Being very active on Social Media makes you meet virtually some incredible and inspiring souls.

Not later than yesterday, the very talented London Kyle and I had a discussion via Instagram DMs on how we could team up to drive a message in the Music Industry regarding kids and how they operate with their music.

The Music Industry can be a wild jungle, especially on the internet and on Social Media.

However, kids nowadays, seem to have the advantage because they are experts in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud etc…

Well. Not really experts in fact, they just bank on their face and the fact that they still can rely on their surrounding from school to spread the word easily through social media.

The problem is that they no longer focus on building their brand, instead, they are building their ego. So much that the smallest piece of advice is completely denied because their thing seems to work : the number of followers is rising to the moon and back.

That is totally normal, we all know what kids want to do : leave the house and be the new sensation. While this used to work in the 70s, the fact that Social Media decomplexed the situation, we are facing millions of teens doing the same thing at the same time and therefore using the same technique : focusing on the number of followers.

My friend, you are playing the wrong game.

But don’t panic, I have a solution for this.

It’s called CARING.

Everyday, I see profiles of young artists hitting up 50,000 sometimes more followers and when I ask the question : how much do you make with your music? The answer is always the same : I don’t.

Of course not, because you are running the wrong race. In order to make money out of your music, you have to :

1 — Make music

2 — Have people buying your music

While the first point is partially checked, the second one is always obnoxiously out of reach.

For two reasons :

The first one is that the base, the core, is not solidified, meaning that the music is often barely released or in the making yet they have thousands of followers. Followers that in fact don’t know who you truly are since they never heard your music, only bits and clips.

The second being the fact that you didn’t set a goal. Well, let’s say you did but not the right one.

Picture yourself in a war about to start, while you are gathering soldiers and soldiers and soldiers who have no idea what they are fighting for and on top of it, you still don’t have the guns nor the ammos.

How are you gonna win?

Here is now the solution, enough of that talk.

The solution is within you. Because so far, your amount of followers and the race you are running shows one thing : you made it about you and not about them.

In order to win that race, which by the way is a race against yourself, not against other artists, you will have to start caring, to start giving, to start making it about the people who gave two cents in your story.

Stop going for the number of followers, instead, make sure that if tomorrow you drop your single, your EP or better, your album, 100% of the fans you already have will buy it.

For this, you will have to get to know them, to offer them music, to care about each comment that you receive like your mom wrote it, to answer every single message you receive like if it was the last one.

You will need to stop focusing on not having time for the ones who bring you the money.

You will need to start bringing value.

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