What To Do Before Releasing A Single / EP / Album

February 13, 2018

That’s it! You are super excited because your music is ready, you spent a hell of a time composing it, recording it, mixing it, mastering it, you spent a lot of money too and now… It’s the big day. It’s time to release it.

Hold on, my little friend.

Because if you do this right now, like this, you will click on that PUBLISH button and wait in front of your screen for the likes and comments to drop.

Ain’t gonna work.

Actually, even if you were a huge deal in the Music Industry at the moment, that wouldn’t work.

You need to tease your people in order to make sure the single, the EP or the album sells well.

You may have seen it before, major artists are always doing this. They tease you for a date, share some clips with no music, tell you to pre-order and other incredibly smart techniques for you to build some anticipation.

So, as an Advisor and a Marketer, let me give you a little blueprint I would recommend you to follow in order to bring some awareness to your product.

The release date

First thing first, you need to set a release date. I know you are excited, I know your blood is boiling of impatience to let the world hear that masterpiece you made but you need to be realistic and put a release date that lets you make your promo and that is interesting for everybody.

I would suggest you to release your music in 21 days. Three weeks is a good length for a small promotion on your album. It is not too long, it is not too short, people will build a momentum and that’s what you need.

Last tip on this one, make sure that your album doesn’t fall for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or a Sunday, people generally have other things to do on these days, it won’t work. Even for a Christmas album.

The promotional package

The promo pack is the visual package that you will synchronize on all your platforms and social media. It is very important that all your profiles are homogeneous and that all of them talk about the same thing at that moment.

Now, remember that telling a story on the internet is not just blasting the same story on all social media, you need to distribute it according to the medium.

Sharing a photo on Instagram then sharing the same one at the same time on Twitter is pointless. Twitter will be more receptive to a short tweet with some embedded player.

Let’s go LIVE

You are on Instagram (if you are not on Instagram, you HAVE to) so let’s use all the tools you have. Prepare a MP3 and random live here and there during the three weeks of promotion and each person that shows up, greet them and tell them to send you an email for the first free MP3.

This technique is the best. Hands down. You will have the surprise in the eyes of the customer, the free stuff (people love free stuff) and the email to start a mini promotional newsletter.

Release a song

If you are in an EP / Album type of situation (not a single, we’ll see this right after), you should release a song from it on the second week to build a second momentum.

Make sure the song is on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and any other platform that is convenient for you.

Make sure the song is the catchiest one and that it is in full quality, people will want to buy the full album if the song is good.

The single

If you are in a Single type of situation (meaning you are releasing only one song), the approach is a little bit different.

First of all, I wouldn’t suggest releasing a single without a music video. So if you plan on releasing it like this out of nowhere, that may be a tricky promotion to run and you may want to reconsider it, even making a simple video for it.

Singles are way easier to promote when they are on YouTube. Actually, the goal of a single is not really to sell, it is to bring awareness to your brand. Therefore, you shouldn’t even think about making money out of it, that should be your last resort.

Otherwise, make sure to cover your own song as an acoustic version and to put it on social media including YouTube.

The music video

Super important. As said before, I would recommend you, in any kind of situation to release a music video. Find a way to have a full music video made for your album, your EP or your single. It doesn’t have to be an expensive and researched one. As long as you are doing something that has a good vibe, you’re good to go.

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