Instagram For Singers and Musicians, How To Grow?

February 17, 2018

Everybody’s got a chance to blow up on the internet with Social Media and that’s why it’s fascinating.

Artists understood this a while ago and that is why it is on their mind 24/7. The problem is that most of them do not know where to start. They feel that the game is happening on Social Media, yet the “how” is a problem.

As a Music Strategist, Advisor and Marketer, it is often the question that comes to me from my clients: “How can I have a lot of followers on my Social Media?”.

While this is a legitimate question nowadays, I personally think it is the wrong question, for multiple reasons, and we will see why you should focus on something else and what is your solutions.

What social media?

First thing first, let’s see what is the platform that is standing out from others.

I think you pretty much already know what I will say: Instagram.

Hands down, Instagram, in 2018, is the platform you should focus your attention on. Instagram lets you reach out to people very easily, whatever your genre, and engage with them constantly.

You can look up people by hashtags and location tags, which makes it outstanding in order to build a fanbase.

The alternatives would be Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat but I think that the noise and the mediums are actually not as good in terms of render than Instagram.

Setting up a profile, yes, but correctly.

That is a very common mistake from artists: making sure your profile is set up correctly.

First of all, Instagram lets you switch to a “Business” account if you have a Facebook page related to your activity and you should use it because you have access to analytics, which lets you see the different posts that reached out the most organically.

Also, it allows you to have your contact information displayed more easily.

I would recommend you to clearly list your name or your band’s name and to give a brief description of what kind of singer, music producer, band, songwriter, you are.

Last but not least, talk about you at the first person. Don’t say : “John Doe is a music producer…”, instead, say : “I am a Music producer…”, you will give that notion of proximity to your followers.

It’s all about frequency.

I am big on the terms “Micro speed, Macro patience”. I believe that Music is a long term game and that you should be patient as hell in order to win.

Therefore, when it comes to frequency of publications, grab it tight, I would recommend you to post at least 4 times a day, using at least 10 hashtags per post.

You need to commit yourself to this, the key is in documenting over creating.

Because I’ll tell you what’s not gonna grow your presence online: staying on the couch watching Netflix with your friends, not using Instagram.

SOCIAL media.

This is insane, this is obnoxious, this is obvious, yet, nobody really cares about the word SOCIAL in Social Media.

You need to understand that simple phrase: It’s about them, not about you.

Therefore, when a comment shows up, answer it. When somebody Direct Message (DM) you, answer it. But mostly, be meaningful, don’t send out an emoji.

Not answering and just liking comments is 100% what you should NEVER do when self branding because it’s about your fans, not about you and your ego too precious to give 2 seconds to a comment.

Last tip on the Social part, add people in your pictures. Take the time for a selfie, take the time to take pictures of people you know working with you.

The deal is in the DM

As you may have caught it already, I talked about “self branding”. I used these terms because in 2018, being a successful artist means to build your brand just like a business would do. Therefore, you need to bring awareness to your brand.

How to bring awareness to your brand? By using the DMs.

Each time somebody follows you, make sure that you greet them, thanks them for being part of the journey and GIVE them a free mp3 of yours.

People love free stuff and to interact with artists. Don’t send them to a Spotify, GIVE them the mp3 link either on private server or via Soundcloud, but don’t ask for an email. Just give it. Don’t expect anything in return but the karma that in a few, they’ll spread awareness about YOUR brand.

I am telling you to not use Spotify at the moment because it is really a hit or miss at the moment and I don’t think you should focus your attention on building a second brand awareness on Spotify.

Fans over Followers

Ask yourself this question: When you release your EP, will 100% of your followers buy it?

If the answer is no, then I wouldn’t even try to grab one more follower, instead, I would convert every single follower into a fan.

So, go to your DMs and reach out to all your followers and make sure they heard of you with that free mp3.

The numbers don’t matter. Jesus himself had only 12 followers and look where we are.

How long should I do that for?


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