Are Influencers The Best Bet For Your Music?

February 18, 2018

For a few years now, we start to see the word “Influencer” blooming everywhere on social media.

Truth is that a lot of people like to call themselves influencers as soon as they have one follower on their instagram.

They are not totally wrong, at the end of the day, if you influence one person, I guess you are an influencer, but let’s be real. We are talking about people who move hundreds of thousands of people at least here.

What’s an influencer?

In that article, we are talking about people on social media who have a huge amount of followers and can bring a strike force to whatever brand is thrown at them. They could be youtubers, bloggers, vloggers, lifestyle coaches, public figures… and so on.

For example, Casey Neistat is an influencer. When the company Boosted sent some Boosted Boards to the vlogger during their Kickstarter campaign, he was able to spread awareness around that modern skateboard and by using it constantly in his videos, it influenced a lot of people to put money in the fundraiser and later on to buy the Boosted Board.

We see this constantly with make up artists like Jeffree Star or Manny Muawho are testing products directly on camera for you to decide if you should buy it or not.

You trust Lewis from Unbox Therapy when a new iPhone comes out to know if it is worth it or not.

I trust Lewis when a new iPhone comes out.

Influencers are people who dedicated a long part of their life, with consistency, into branding themselves so hard they gathered hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of people around their name and can pretty much decide where the customers will go spend their money.

What does it have to do with music?

If you are really asking that question right now, either that is a problem of generation, either you are not familiar with how social media can make something trending. (Or you love reading my articles, and for this, I love you)

Influencers release content everyday, multiple times a day. They document.

Remember how I said that you needed to post at least 4 times a day on Instagram? Well, Influencers post at least 10 times a day on different platforms. Because they document.

They don’t necessarily post very creative pictures or videos, they document their journey and therefore, it gives a lot of things to consume for the customer and to bond with their brand, their name.

While you should develop your brand (when I say brand, you understand you career as a singer, songwriter, musician…) the same way an influencer would do, you have got to keep in mind that they can help develop yours as well.

Every youtuber needs music for their intro, their outro, sometimes transitions and the problem with finding music is that they are all getting the videos of these creators demonetized because of copyrights infringements.

Therefore, they either ask themselves for permission or they get requests from artists.

But you understand that when a youtuber is releasing one video a day, it needs to go fast and so generally rely on artists submitting their music directly to the creator, who picks and chooses what they want to feature.


That’s the word, you get featured. Featured because the influencer will always list you in the description of their post, their video, their snap or else.

Now imagine a second trying to bring awareness to your name with your song being featured in a video that hits 3 or 4 million people.

I am pretty sure that is the best return on investment since submissions are free.

Now, Instagram is super underrated for that. People don’t understand how asking for influencers to post something with their music is accessible. It is ridiculously accessible.

Of course, if you feel like hitting influencers with millions of followers, the chance is that your message will stay unread but try small!

To me, it’s better to have your music used in a post that makes 137 views than none.

Hit me up if you want your song in my videos, I’d be glad to feature it 😉

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