Live Stream: Concert 2.0

February 22, 2018

Everything is so digital and that’s a good thing in my book. I am so glad we are heading towards that direction for many reasons, the first one being that everybody can do something and the market will only put their ears to things that stand out from the crowd.

Talking about crowd, live events are becoming pricier and pricier to do, between the bars and clubs that ask for a fee to play there or to share revenues, the cost of musicians when you need some, making people come, spend marketing money and resources in flyers and communication… That’s a hot mess.

But as always, the Internet has you covered because the Internet decided to wipe out everything on the long term game.

Which means that even concerts will start to fade away.

I know, each time I say that, someone comes to me and “yells” that I am delusional and that people will never stop going to live performances.

Pal, people will always do whatever they want and as a market, they will always choose the easier and cheapest way to do it.

Therefore, if it means buying a Virtual Reality set for $300 and a “Netflix” kind of subscription for $9.99 a month to watch concerts like if they were there, they’ll do it.

Musicians, singers and bands will have to adapt, or they’ll complain like the taxis did when Uber showed up.

We are starting to see a lot of easy tools that people can follow up easily.

The first one that comes to my mind is obviously Twitch. The platform was designed for gamers but there is also a Music section where musicians, singers and bands are playing live with their fan base directly from their bedroom and collecting donations just like selling tickets.

They bank on the fact that they have nothing to pay for that performance, that they can interact directly with their audience, meet people and offer giveaways to federate them and make them come back.

Which works 100% since people feel special as well and have a direct link with the performer and start to integrate it as part as their daily routine like a TV show they would never want to miss.

Regarding the donations I was talking about a little bit earlier in this post, they come very naturally. People embrace the fact that nobody forces them to pay anything and they can also subscribe every month in exchange of online recognition by the performer.

Now, this is maybe all too fancy for some, and bands or artists may want to stay on their platform for micro lives, which is also super interesting in term of self branding.

While I recommend it definitely when it comes to map out a strategy for the release of an album or a single, I think that randomly going live on Instagram or Facebook or even Periscope for Twitter can be a game changer.

A notification is sent directly to the followers that decide or not to join and say “Hi”.

The more you interact with them, the better. You can even use filters on your face and chat directly in-app which is a blessing for many artists that just want a “Plug and play” kind of situation.

Taking care of your community has never been that easy and people love it.

Not even 10 years ago, you would have to invite everybody from your Facebook friends list to even have an ounce of awareness for your next gig.

Adapt, overcome, win.

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