Artists: No More #SundayFunday, Please

February 25, 2018

Today’s gonna be a little bit of a rant, not to be negative, on the contrary, to maybe motivate you guys to do something a little bit better!

Artists, Singers, Musicians, Beat Producers… This post is made for you.

As a Music Advisor and Strategist, I have countless of clients that want me to do their work and of course, I am glad to have that trust, but I have to be honest with you:

I wish my job becomes obsolete.

The truth is that what I do will never stop existing because artists are lazy.

Relax, I am an artist myself, I just decided to put my career on hold for 5 years in order to bring awareness on what’s going on in the Music Industry and how ugly it is out there.

I was lazy. I know what it is. You feel like recording, then you don’t, then you need to be motivated to write a song, then you feel like stopping because you are tired…

Being an artist is first of all being a sensitive person. You need to think about everything in order to create. You need to put yourself into the work, and yes, it is draining.

From my experiences, people LOVE being motivated. You love to feel like you can move mountains just by a guitar riff.

But you don’t want to put the work to get passed that motivational feeling.

When I say that you need to put the work on something so incredibly small as Instagram for example, just by putting 4 pictures a day with 10 hashtags, 90% of artists listening to me will not do it.

Not because you don’t believe in me, you actually hire me to plan your strategy, but even something so small stops you.

It stops you because you want it all right now. Actually you want it all yesterday.

When I ask you what happened, you always say: “I didn’t have the time”.

Yet I see a tweet from you saying how Black Panther was an amazing movie.

Yet I see countless of stories and snaps of you blowing your vape.

Yet I see you posting pictures of a football game and how fresh your beer was.

Yet I see you arguing online about the Grammys and how this award should have gone to someone else.

So here is my motivational tip, since you like that: GO DO.

Stop acting like you live twice.

It’s Sunday today, wake up, do your thing but damn, make music.

I want that #SundayFunday out of your digital mouth.

If you are not ready to eat dirt for the two years coming, you wouldn’t be able to handle even a shitty 89% ownership deal at whatever label you dream so much to be a part of.

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