Why You Should Not Be On Vero, The New Social App

February 28, 2018

Here we go again, a 1,000th app that claims to be the new Facebook, the new Instagram, the new Twitter,… Well, the new everything.

But this time, it’s getting incredibly popular, not because it is bragging about being the “True social” app that you were waiting for but because they applied a modern business technique that I talked about yesterday for you, singers, musicians and artists: reach out to influencers.

So what is Vero promising?

Vero (“True” in Italian) is claiming to never use algorithms, display ads or track you abusively.

You may have heard a lot of people complaining about algorithms lately and how it affects their number of likes (especially influencers in fact because for 99% of the rest of the population it is not affecting them since they barely post and engage anyway).

I always found that incredibly ironic to complain about an algorithm when in fact you are complaining on how a social platform is evolving, that brought you here for free and that you have to adapt.

How did it become “popular”?

Well, as I told you before, they contacted influencers.

While they are not saying if they have been paid to migrate from Instagram to Vero, you can bet they have been receiving nice transfers on their PayPal accounts.

Imagine a second how they did that: “Hello, we are launching a new app, no algorithm, no ads, it’s gonna be really successful, would you move from Instagram to our Instashit for $100,000 and tell your followers to… follow you? We will put you a verified badge if you do so!

HELL YEAH! Sounds like a deal. Right?

Who’s behind that?

Ayman Rafic Hariri is a Lebanese billionaire heir and businessman, the second-youngest son of tycoon Rafic Hariri, former Lebanese Prime Minister.

They actually ran the family owned business Saudi Oger, an Arabia-Saudi based company that went bankrupt and never paid the millions of dollars they owe to their former employees.

What an amazing venture, I am sure they are trustworthy people to give your data to, especially against Facebook and Instagram…

Sup’, sheeple?

I am amazed how egos can decide what will be the action of someone. Especially when it comes to social media.

Everyday, I take care of musicians, artists, singers, songwriters, music producers that want to make money out of their passion. In 2018, the business model has completely changed and the ultimate game is on social media.

I argued that multiple times already, Instagram is the current best tool that people in the Music Business could ever imagine.

Yet no one is willing to put in the work to post 4 times a day and use 10 to 15 hashtags on each post to grow organically and on the long term, make a career out of that.

“HELL NO! Algorithms are the Devil, nobody is liking me…”

Let me be clear a second, you decided to go on Vero because a few paid influencers went there and their followers followed (well, 15% of them I guess, since “ALGORITHMS!”).

You said to yourself: “I can not miss this, let’s go there when nobody is so I am one of the firsts to be noticed for my music!”

The thing is, you can’t even bring awareness to your brand on the most popular platform actually available but yet you rely on an app that is valued 2.5/5 by the Google Play Store’s community, and can’t handle a few hundred thousand people on their servers.

Put your giant head to rest, be self-aware, have some patience and build your brand, instead of running everywhere like a headless chicken.

For information, the first million people on the app will not pay any membership. So basically there will be only one million people on the app. Not using it.

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