How To Start A Podcast Effortlessly And Effectively?

March 1, 2018

For quite a few years now, I work with artists, singers, songwriters and other music producers in order to bring awareness to their brand online via social media.

If there is one thing that has caught up my attention those last few months, it is the rise of audio assisted mediums.

More and more people are using these programs and making them part of their daily routine.

That is not randomly that Amazon and Google released their Amazon Echo and Google Home. They realized that 13% of internet searches were made via voice.

I can totally relate to that, when you compare how long it takes to take the phone out of your pocket, unlock it, go to the browser, type the question, search for the answer… and the time it takes to say “Hey Alexa, what’s the weather like today?”, you will see how practical this is.

We are all in an era where we want to save time and be pragmatic.

Therefore, artists will have to adapt as well and start documenting their journey not only on written and video supports but on audio too.

What equipment do I need?

A smartphone.

That’s about it. Of course, you can go fancy and buy a microphone or use your computer with heavy audio mixers and stuff, but a smartphone is way enough.

There is an app called Anchor, that I used personally for my own podcast #AskTonyVitti and I have to say that they are changing the game dramatically.

Anchor allows you to simply open the app and start recording with your phone.

Once you are done, you enter your details, the name of your podcast and you can even submit with ONE button on all platforms such as iTunes Podcast, Stitcher, Pocket Cast, Google Play Music, Spotify…

All this, entirely free!

Podcasting about what?

Documenting is where the game’s at. Meaning that social media are now in the center of attention and you should be aware of marketing strategies that bring awareness to your brand.

One of them is to actually documenting over creating.

Your journey is what matters.

So either you will podcast about your life for example what it is to live day by day as a broke artist in a giant city or what it is to be a studio engineer in 2018 when everybody can do it at home with Youtube tutorials…

Either you become the expert people want to hear about a certain subject like how to record properly, how to be a great rock band, how to train your voice…

All the themes you would talk about in a blog post or in a vlog can be used as podcast.

How do I distribute it?

Of course, having a podcast is cool but you need an audience. We’ve seen that earlier, Anchor allows you to submit on all podcast platforms seamlessly, but now you need people to actually hear it.

The strategy here is to promote your podcast on social media and attract the attention to redirect them easily on their favorite podcast app.

Remember that each social media has a different way of telling a story. What you will write on Twitter may not be effective on Instagram.

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