Is It That Hard To Become A Music Influencer?

March 8, 2018

We hear about this term all the time, “influencers”, and some seem to be running for that race on a daily basis.

While a lot of people consider themselves influencers, the truth is that for those who can actually pretend to this title, the difference is in the wallet.

Being an influencer is having a certain notoriety, a certain fame, especially on social media, that attracts a lot of attention.

But the question is: can you become an influencer in music and easily?

Self branding is the key

I keep on saying it, the Music Industry is dead. We do not make records anymore, as a matter of fact we don’t make record player anymore.

Everything tends to be digital and in 36 months, the entire Music ecosystem will be about streaming, not even downloads.

Therefore, when the money is not in the music anymore, artists will need to go for another path.

That path is self-branding: the art of making a brand out of your name and bank on it.

When you raise your name at a certain level, followers start to poor in, the message gets spread on a wide audience, and therefore, you attract advertisers.

At that precise moment, you are called an influencer.

How to reach that status?

You know, everything is a matter of self awareness and patience. I believe 100% in these two ingredients for the perfect recipe because they do not require anything but your input.

Self branding is finding the right balance between doing what you love and reaching out to the right audience.

Telling a story has never been easier, thanks to social media. As long as you are capable of telling your story the right way, meaning using the right social media for what you have to say, then everything seems possible.

Don’t focus on likes and followers

That’s the ultimate trap in self branding nowadays: getting lost in the number of likes and followers.

The society made likes and followers the new “currency” and people tend to get low when these number either don’t increase or fall down.

Just like money.

But the truth is that on the path of self branding and becoming an influencer, the journey is what matters.

You’ve got to concentrate and understand that this is a long term game that will have days with and days without.

In the meantime, you’ve got to document.

Documenting over creating

While you are on your journey, you’ve got to prepare the battlefield for when these likes and followers actually arrive.

When you start to reach out to people, you may be one piece of content away from that “buzz” and if there is nothing to fall back on for them after that buzz, you’ll lose.

So documenting content without thinking about the likes and followers is the best strategy to self brand because you’ll be, for the next 5 or 6 months, packing up a lot of valuable pieces that your base will have to consume while you are buzzing and making new content.

Is that hard, then?

It won’t be easy, but totally worth it.

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