Why Every Band Should Have A Vlog

March 9, 2018

We live in an era were social media are exploding and become the new everything.

Go outside (I know what the heck?), observe people and see how 100% of them are actually looking down to their phone.

It’s simple, the Internet is wiping out everything and started early with a lot of traditional media, that we now consume differently.

Youtube is the new television

When we start looking at some modern statistics, the amount of people watching Youtube on a daily basis is rising.

Yesterday, I was watching an episode of “First We Feast” and Charlize Theron was invited. It is pretty incredible to see a huge movie star going for a Youtube show.

As a matter of fact the host, Sean Evans, asked her her opinion on being on Youtube instead of traditional media.

She answered in the lines of something like: “That’s where the attention is at and if the content is produced with quality, I don’t see why I should not consider it!”.

She was so right on that point and I am glad that some actors and actresses are speaking out about this phenomenon.

The attention is shifting to different places and it just makes sense that influencers are going to these platforms.

Holding a vlog for what?

If people are no longer watching TV but watching Youtube, then it’s your chance right there to grab the attention.

Youtube is entirely free and allows you to make content at scale.

I already made an article about documenting and I preach that systematically because I believe in documenting your journey with all mediums possible.

The three main pillars are Audio (podcast), Written (blog) and Video (vlog).

Whatever suits you best to tell your story (even if I think that you should cover all three ultimately), you should definitely start documenting your journey.

When you make a vlog, it is super easy to use the bits and clips you are making to share it on other social platforms.

As you may know, it is not the same to tell a story on Instagram as it is on Twitter or Facebook.

When you make a vlog of 10 minutes per day, you are creating a lot of clips that can be used in 1 minute versions for your other social media.

Therefore you have nothing much to create but to document your life.

The all-access

That’s the content that viewers are looking for. They are looking for something that they can be a part of.

Therefore, when it comes to follow a band, the consumer is used to have almost free content and will want, at the end, that “backstage” access that we could not provide to people before.

I strongly believe that building your brand is also giving away everything you have and becoming something refreshing in the public eye.

Making vlogs everyday about how you overcome your life as an artist, a band, is the best content you could provide for your followers and fan base because it is all the time keeping their attention to your brand.

It becomes a part of their life and they are looking for it.

Understand that most of the people that follow you actually love what you do and you are a way for them to escape their daily life to maybe finish the day on a positive note.

It doesn’t have to be perfect lighting or sound, a simple smartphone will do it.

Just start now. It’s free!

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