Don’t Overthink And Romanticize Anything

March 10, 2018

The Music Business is a wild jungle and I have to say, there is a lot of money on the table.

People tend to romanticize and overthink everything is this business and that often leads them to lose themselves in the equation.

I’ll try to be brief on that matter, but let me tell you how to stay focused on your career while good things are happening.

Don’t overthink anything

I believe that everything has a purpose. Nothing really happens randomly, after all, that is your own point of attraction so of course you will attract good things related to your music.

The problem is to overthink them, meaning, trying to analyze every single bit of what is happening to you.

You could have been contacted by a huge music studio to record a song because they want you as a featuring and you may be really excited for this.

It is 100% normal, but at some point, you may have fears, fears turning to doubts, doubts turning to failure.

There is no point in overthinking what is happening to you. What matters is what is actually happening to you and that it IS happening to you.

Don’t doubt of their quality for example or if you will be good enough for their product.

Just realize that your point of attraction naturally led you to have this coming to you and that you are ready for this because it is happening right now.

Don’t romanticize anything

That’s the second problem coming up with artists, the romance that the whole journey has.

Focusing on the fact that you will be successful is an amazing thing but you can’t give up at the second where shit is hitting the fan.

You’ve got to understand that it is not sexy to run a business. It may on the paper and people may dream about it because they don’t have the guts to do it, but at the end of the day, that is a very rocky path to take.

Therefore, not romanticizing things is vital.

Believe in the journey and that it may lead you to eat dirt for quite a while. This may not be what you expected as far as the work to put in, but it is definitely worth it and part of the journey.

Also, not romanticizing things help you mentally to stay on track and not lose your focus.

Not expecting gold when you are mining is way less disappointing if you like mining that if you are here just for the gold.

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